Kids with their own blogs

I made a decision this weekend.  Four students in my class have submitted posts for me to publish; they have written lots of comments in our class blog; they have commented back to students who commented on their posts.  I feel they deserve to have their own blog.

Edublogs has a new create a blog and user function that I thought I would use.  One of those alerts at the top of your dashboard…..  All went well, created their name and blog, email was sent to the students but then I had a problem.

I could get onto their blog by typing in the URL, but then it wouldn’t let me into their site admin.  It kept sending me back to my own personal dashboard.  This happened with all four blogs I had created.  Was it something I had forgotten to do?

I got onto the edublogs blog and made a comment about what had happened and it was recommended that I put the problem with all technical details on the edublogs forum.  I did this and within an hour the problem was solved.

I can now get into the admin side of each student’s blog.  But I think I will leave them as co-administrators until Easter and I will spend this week with them getting their presentation, blogroll and sidebar widgets organized.  Once that is done I will then drop them to editor status so there is less chance of mishaps.  If they want to then make changes they can negotiate a time with me to help them do that.

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