Page spring cleaning

For the third activity in the teacher challenge, we are asked to look at pages. As you can see, on my personal blog, I only have an ‘About’ page which I have updated last night. (Learnt how to use slideshare to embed on this page.)

But the blog I use more often during term time is my grade 6/7 ICT blog. This has lots of pages on it. Some of them shown here.


Why does it have so many pages?

As I am the only teacher using blogs in the school, I wanted somewhere where all students and teachers could come to find resources relating to both ICT  as well as other subject areas.

In Tasmania, we have grade 6 and grade 10 ICT checklists which are sent home to parents at the end of that particular year. Students are expected to show their level of skill in each area of the checklist.

The students in grades 6/7/8 are split into different level classes for literacy so again , one area for links was handier but this year the literacy co-ordinator has decided to start a blog as well for her subject area.

All students in grade 6/7 have taster courses in LOTE (languages other than English) so one source for links was easier for those students and teachers.

You will also notice I have a link to many of the different pages on the right sidebar as well, might make it easier to find than looking through the header for some viewers.

With this being my last year of teaching, I am hoping to continue this blog this year and perhaps get the home group teachers of the grade 6/7 classes to become administrators as well, just so the blog continues after I leave.

How many teachers are blogging in your school?

How do you try to convince them that it is a fantastic way for students and staff to have a voice in the world and to write for an authentic audience?

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