Embedding media

In ‘Kick start your blogging’ activity 6, we have to embed some media in a blog post.

I love trying out new things with students so decided to create a ToonDoo cartoon. I had been to the site before, but I always have problems finding the embed code. Same thing happened today.

So to find your embed code once you have created and saved a Toondoo.

  • Go back to your log in page at Toondoo.
  • Hover over Toons in top left corner.
  • Click on My Toons then click on the toon you want to embed.
  • Underneath the cartoon you have created are 13 icons representing various things you can do with your Toon.

Can you guess which icon represents the embed code?

Yep the one <>, just like you see in the code when you put it in your post.

  • Click on the double arrow icon, and the word copied will appear.
  • Immediately go to your post where you have already written everything you need, including tags and categories.
  • Change the editor from visual to HTML.
  • Paste in the code you now have by using Ctrl V.
  • Immediately hit Publish. DON”T change back to visual editor or you might lose the embed code and have to put it in again.

What to do now?

4 thoughts on “Embedding media

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  2. Found your tutorial inspiring, and so now on my next spare moment I am going to have a go. I know I’ll be back for the embedding bit.

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