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I have offered some IT training to staff at school over the last year. Occasionally, people have asked for my help but this year I decided to ask them to fill in a survey I created using Google docs – when I sent the email to all staff, Google thought I had been a spammer and disabled my accounts until I gave them enough info to know it was me not a bot spamming. Many staff mentioned they wanted Smartboard training.

Many classrooms now have this magnificent tool in them and I am hoping they are used for more than watching videos. It has taken many weeks to get the Smartboards put up in the classrooms, then to get them connected correctly as well as find the cords and pens so teachers can finally use them in class.

So this week was the first group of activities playing with  Smartboards. I have on our school intranet many links to various blogs and activities using Smartboards so it is a matter of the teachers now looking through them to find lessons they could use or coming to my sessions to learn some tips and tricks when using the boards.

This week we watched a teacher training video by Russell Stannard. It began with:

  • a basic introduction,
  • looked at pens and how to change their width,
  • add arrows to the ends of lines,
  • using the highlighter,
  • how to save your notebook pages,
  • export pages to students,
  • finding images relating to topics the staff wanted to use in class.

I stopped the video at this stage to allow a play session but found some teachers did not have the Essentials for Educators loaded on their computers so before the session next week they will need to have that organized.

During the play session, we also looked at:

  • aligning the boards through the control panel,
  • recognizing writing to change into type,
  • dragging and dropping from the gallery,
  • drawing straight lines on the board.

In total, over two one hour sessions after school, 6 staff attended the trainings. MOT, JF, AK, DD, SC, EW   I also had three apologies KW, AB, LMcD


Original image: ‘Interactive Interactive – Laura

Interactive Interactive - Laura

by: Dan Zen  Released under an Attribution License


What do you think are the next most important things I should be showing the staff  about Smartboards during these sessions? Are there any blogs, videos etc you would recommend the staff be looking at?

2 thoughts on “Staff IT training

  1. Thanks you for sharing this blog. I’ve always wanted to go to IT school but I don’t have the time. Your IT session granted my desire to have one. An informative one!

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